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Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Damn Radicals

Egos are interesting things. They exist within all humans but are displayed outwardly in varying degrees. Possibly the easiest examples to find are from those who work in the entertainment business, the music business specifically.

But one should not confuse big dreams or taking a risk with an ego. Musicians should dream big, set goals and stay true to their ideals. Following those dreams incurs taking risks, moving to different environments and often times placing trust in strangers. It is a leap of faith.

Sadly in today’s music world, the theme is often one of entitlement. An almost “don’t you know who I am arrogance” that is exuded from the deepest, darkest regions of ego. Sure accomplishments are a wonderful thing, but just imagine how much more entertaining artists would be if every time they released a new song it was done with the same fervor as their first. Frankly, does it really matter how many awards a person may have garnered when you sit down to watch them perform?

Granted, individual journeys take many turns and often include a series of events, or learning experiences, which can systematically change an artist’s approach to their business, music and to their fans. But within the realm of youth lie the energy, naivety and fearlessness that cultivates creativity.

When Marietta’s The Damn Radicals take the stage this Saturday evening at the Worthington Golf Course Ballroom (3414 Roseland Ave., Parkersburg), it will be a shining example of that youthful realm. The duo of drummer Anthony Azzi and guitarist/vocalist Luke Schindler might sum it up best on their Facebook page where they describe interests as simply “taking a shot at what we love and stand behind.” And yes they did forget the worn out music star egos.

Luke Schindler provides plenty of fuzz for Anthony Azzi's bombastic interludes!

Luke Schindler provides plenty of fuzz for Anthony Azzi's bombastic interludes!

The two soon to be Marietta College graduates exhibit a humbleness not often found in the music business, be it nationally or locally. Obviously they don’t have a long list of self-gratifying awards or achievements to tout to the public, but they have something better, their attitudes and their songs.

Employing a less is more, high energy strategy built upon Azzi’s reckless abandon on the drums and Schindler’s edgy yet melodic guitar work, the Damn Radicals simply present their music in a grateful manner for what it is and not as some flag of past glory days. Sure great music lives on, but the key to a song’s longevity is not founded upon the artist reciting their resume every time someone will listen.

And that’s the beauty in the Damn Radical’s music; it stands on its own merit, today, ready for you to disseminate its value, but always received by the listener with a true thank you.

For fans of  Jack White or the Black Keys, Saturday evening presents a wonderful chance to catch a band on the way up as the Damn Radicals open for the Jimmy Clinton Band. It’s there for Parkersburg to enjoy as the doors open at 8pm to a truly inviting and unpretentious music venue, the Worthington GC Ballroom.

No ego’s or attitudes, no playoff games, no boorish happy hour crowds, just great music from two fine bands, a dance floor and some fine brew from the North End Tavern & Brewery. And yes, just a little leap of faith is required for a highly entertaining return. See you there!