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Monthly Archives: October 2012

(On this rainy Wednesday, I decided to reprint a story I had posted about a couple years ago on Facebook. Myself and several Willie Phoenix fans who were there at the start attended the show and had a great time. It’s also a little bit of an original Parkersburg rock and roll history lesson over the past 30 years. Enjoy!) 

It was almost 28 years ago when I first saw Willie Phoenix perform live…way back in the “Shadowlords” days. The venue was the old Sly Fox…and I mean…OLD…Sly Fox. The year was 1983 and the late Fred Starkey was having a few small music shows in the bar, with performers tucked in the corner of the room. I recall Mike Morningstar, Liz Pennock and some other long forgotten performers (sorry…we had too much fun sometimes), playing some great solo gigs. The small shows were pretty well recieved and Fred decided to open a music room in a vacant building next door to the bar (up Market St).( Unfortunately the venue burned down in fall of 1984, and the bar moved into the building on the corner of 13th and Market Street until another untimely fire occured in spring of 2009.)


Willie Phoenix’s album was nationally released by A&M Records in 1982!


     But when the music room opened, that’s when things really started rocking! At the time, there weren’t a lot of venues committed to having live music (yes…just like today!), but Fred was committed to havin a good time, and the Sly Fox shows were definitely a good time! A few blocks up the street, Dan Kucera and Brad Upchurch were running Current Records and Tapes, plus Brad was singing in a band called The Waves. The Waves were comprised of Brad on vocals, Kevin McGinnis and Bob Hall on guitar, Jeff Kidwiler on bass, and Stew Shaw on drums. They played 3 to 4 minute little blasts of refreshing, original rock n’ roll, dare I say with a lil’ prog punk influence. Current Records became the impromtu stomping ground for live music info in the area, and many area musicians could be found buying a LP(they were made out of vinyl, and played on a turn….table…) “on sale” for $4.99, and bullshitting about local shows and concerts.


     Parkersburg was beginning to grow a nice little “underground” music scene. Several area bands were beginning to spring up and make a statement. The aforementioned Waves, The Planetonics, The Larries, Smut…and last but not least, Ethiopia. They were tired of being subjected to the worn out musical ideals that plagued the few, available Parkersburg area music venues…”play 4 sets with a 15 minute break”…”play a lot of country music”…”play songs that people know”…”don’t play any of that weird shit”, were some of the favorite phrases used by area bar owners back in those days. Well the bands of Underground Parkersburg, said what the hell, and started doing things their way! The old Sly fox was instrumental in providing a venue for these bands to perform. Thank you Fred!


Willie Phoenix and the Shadowlords were instrumental in helping to bring out huge crowds to those early shows. Just how Willie ended up in Parkersburg is a little hazy, but I believe it was through a former Parkersburg resident, who was active in the Columbus area music scene, and told Brad about this performer he had to see…Willie Phoenix! Next thing you know Willie is in town, fresh off his 1982 national release on A&M Records, but now out backing the independently released Willie Phoenix and the Shadowlords LP “We Love Noise”.  (The Waves competently held down opening act duties.) Willie brought the hard blues to Parkerburg…(sure we all knew that Led Zeppelin were some English dudes cranking up old blues riff’s through Marshall stacks, and we loved it)…but here was Willie, with a long family history in the blues music scene, playing it loud and proud, directly from the heart! The energy level was off the charts, and Willie was off the stage and onto the tables…the chairs…the floor…all over the house!(Think of Prince in Purple Rain, but Willie was doin’ it before the movie was ever made…) 

     Well folks I know it all sounds like ancient history…but you’re in luck…Willie is still jammin! And Saturday night you can see this man lay down the gospel about love, peace, and rock and roll blues at the Marietta Brewing Company! The show starts at 10pm (dinners over it’s time to rock) and there is NO COVER. If you’re feelin’ cold and got the winter blues…this show is exactly the remedy you need! 

Shock On!


This show is gonna rock!


PM Beat Music is excited to announce an upcoming concert which spans a 30 year history of original Parkersburg rock and roll. While many fine original area bands have come and gone, several are still actively making music in our region. And often like fine wine, the artist only get better or should one say more focused with age!

The histroic Worthington Ballroom (3414 Roseland Avenue, Parkersburg WV – the corner of Fairview Ave. & Roseland Ave. across from Parkersburg Catholic High School) will be the site for the Saturday October 13th show. The doors will open at 6pm and music will start shortly thereafter. All the food and libations of a rocking Octoberfest celebration will be available (ages 21 and up), including refreshments from Parkersburg’s only brewpub, the North End Tavern.

Now the fun stuff! The show will feature The Greens, The Jimmy Clinton Band, The Remnants and Nick Barry, all of which have had an interesting impact on the Parkersburg area live music scene over the past 30 years.

What can one say about Nick Barry that hasn’t already been said? Barry rose to prominence as a Mean Red Spider in the early Nineties, but went on to write many of his own songs. Mixing modern social dialog with classic protest flair, Barry offers an interesting and satirical viewpoint on the many aspects of common day to day events in Mid Ohio Valley life!

The Remnants may be the most steadily rehearsing band in Parkersburg history. All based on the joy of playing music and writing songs. If one has not have heard of The Remnants, it’s ok, they play only a handful of live shows each year, but therein lies the beauty. Four guys making music because they love to play and then delivering it on their own terms. Guitarist/vocalist Bob Hall, guitarist Kevin McGinnis and bassist Jeff Kidwiler have been playing together since their early Eighties days in The Waves. Drummer Randy McClung joined the band a litle over five years ago and provides the punchy backbeat to Hall’s 45rpm length blasts of pure guitar pop!

The Jimmy Clinton Band is rapidly approaching its one year anniversary, but Jimmy Clinton has been making music since the early Eighties. The Larries, Jimmy Clinton & The Mean Red Spiders, Clinton & Burge and Jimmy Clinton Solo have been a few of the guitatist/songwriters musical forays. Clinton is now joined by bassist Vincenzo Mele and drummer Jeremy Harmon and together the power trio revisit some old Clinton songs and some new ones, all befitting the category of kick ass Americana rock!

Last but not least we welcome The Greens! Guitarist/vocalist Andy Tuck, drummer/vocalist Nathan Yoke and bassist/vocalist Ben Sweeney have been working hard at entertaining folks throughout the Appalachian hills and beyond. Playing over a hundred shows a year has allowed the trio to form a powerful bond and energy which it transfers directly to the fans. Rock and soul, folk and funk are all brewed together for a tasty musical elixir for the mind and the feet! 

Entry can be purchased in advance at the Worthington Golf Course Snack Bar (lower level facing the golf course) for $7 until 4pm Saturday. Your “name and shipping info” from Paypal will be on the “will call” list at the door and used for your admittance into the show. Entry will be $10 a person the night of the show. This show is for a 21 and up audience.