Kevin Gordon, you need to meet him Sunday evening!

Kevin Gordon

               When one sets out to walk nine holes of golf on Worthington’s back nine, the quiet fairways stand ready to discuss any news of the day or ideas that may be floating in one’s head. Sure there’s a gathering of wildlife along the way … deer, squirrel, red-tail hawk and groundhog but there’s always room for a little human peace of mind.

                Hmmmm … as one ponders a story lead between “Groundhog Day” and possibly “saving the best for last” why not blend the two together? We all know the weekend really begins on Thursday anyhow.

                Now as if the brilliant spring weather won’t provide enough inspiration, what can one do? Well there’s always the “Groundhog Day” style of entertainment in the area … you know, the same people, singing the same songs in the same delivery, loveable yet predictable.  But folks there is always much more.

                One must also consider the possibility of a chance to view a true artist of impeccable talent … playing in our little ‘Burg this weekend? Ahhh … now the “saving the best for last” storyline is unveiled. And that is exactly what will be happening on Sunday evening April 1st. Folks it is no fool’s joke, unless you allow yourself to become the punch line by missing this exclusive show.

                If you’re like many area resident’s you may not recognize the name, Kevin Gordon.  Now it is certainly true that many great songwriters have toiled behind the scenes creating for others, and Gordon is no exception. However Gordon is certainly not locked away behind the scenes, he’s truly crossing into the exceptional realm as he takes time out of his busy schedule for a special Sunday evening show at the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia located at 1739 St. Mary’s Avenue in Parkersburg.

                 For those of you who have not yet attended a coffeeshop style event at the CHSWV offices, you owe it to yourselves to experience the relaxed and friendly setting. Fans are “up front and personal” with the performing artists, which allows for the true nuances and emotion of their music to shine through. Steve Tuck and his dedicated staff set the tone with a welcome atmosphere, akin to getting to watch a top notch performer in a friends family room.

                Again, you may not know Kevin Gordon, but Rolling Stone magazine does. In fact, Gordon’s latest release was reviewed in the March 15th issue. Even though the cover featured a late pop icon, inside the music lives and Gordon’s latest release received 3 ½ stars … only the Boss received higher accolades within the issue.

                Reviewer Will Hermes starts out his column by proclaiming “great songwriters are a dime a dozen in Nashville, but Kevin Gordon is an anomaly.”  One could even expound on Gordon’s influences of blues, twang, rockabilly, punk, rock and even the seminal L.A. band “X”. A masters degree in poetry certainly doesn’t hurt the creativity of a songwriter either. What’s our phrase now?   How about a “come see with your own eyes”? Is there more that needs said?

Recent Rolling Stone record review.

                If so, Gordon will set you straight as he weaves songs of his southern upbringing, the good, the bad and the ugly.  His music, as is most, is a musical melting pot, of things we both revere and things we wish to explain. And sometimes distance ourselves from.

                Aptly titled “Gloryland”, Gordon’s latest release spans the religious and political ideologies that many northerner’s can merely hope to understand to some elementary degree. But Gordon also understands that music lovers respond to a prompt kick in the ass from time to time, so don’t let the smooth deep southern drawl that penetrates like the midday sun fool ya’.

                So there’s really no excuse for not supporting a great cause while watching a superb songwriter on Sunday evening. It truly boils down to tens bucks for the area kids and an authentic songwriting genius addressing the day head on. And the best part … its only 10 well spent dollars for a 7 p.m. show in one of the finest and truest venues around. Just across the street from Hertz Rental … call 304-485-0650 for more info and be sure to visit



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