David Olney, Artist, Philosopher, Storyteller and he sings and writes a few songs as well.

David Olney’s official occupation may read as “singer/songwriter” but maybe better fitting is the byline title at www.davidolney.com. It explains in no uncertain terms that Olney is the “Pioneer of the Americana music scene.” Intrigued yet?  

David Olney by Paul Needham

Born in the late 1940’s in Providence, Rhode Island, Olney found his way to Nashville in the early 1970’s following a stint studying at the University of North Carolina. It was there that Olney would blend various musical genres and themes while honing his skills in a city famous for songs and songwriters.

Olney crafted folk influenced songs, which would be covered by some of Nashville’s biggest stars including Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Linda Ronstadt and the legendary Johnny Cash just to name a few. So one can see where the tag “singer/songwriter” could be generically applied to Olney’s career.

But those days reside quite a while ago and in this “what have you done for me lately” era in which we live, quite possibly Olney’s most interesting material is yet to come. And this Saturday the musical world of David Olney will stop in Parkersburg for part of the Coffeehouse Series presented by the Children’s Home Society of WV.

Olney will be appearing with his talented guitarist/collaborator Sergio Webb at 8pm on Saturday May 5that 1739 St. Mary’s Avenue. One must be advised however merely stating that the two Nashville icons are “appearing” easily qualifies as an understatement.

Olney's 2012 release "The Stone."

The Nashville Scene recently heaped high praise on Olney’s skills as the following quote illustrates, “If FILM NOIR established Olney’s affinities with, say, Tom Waits, his new EP The STONE ought to put Olney up there with Bob Frank or Dylan: When Olney essays the anti-sedition Jesus-blues-rock of the new record’s ‘Brains,’ he’s talking about the modern world. This is how a literate, blues-loving Nashville songwriter with a philosophical bent interprets the last couple of millennia.”

As if this testament wasn’t enough to Olney’s talents, once one adds to this Olney’s intense and imaginative live performances with Webb by his side, Saturday evening becomes a can’t miss show. Of course the night is also supporting a great cause if one needs any further prompting. Fellow entertainer Tommy Womack recently chronicled his chat with Olney in which he relayed to Womack, ““To me, it’s bogus that art can only be in museums. The real art is what goes on when people don’t expect it. My idea of a good time is getting in front of an audience and giving them more than they expected. That makes it a worthwhile, fulfilling thing to me.”

So here’s a perfect chance for Parkersburg to break out of its musical cocoon and begin truly supporting great causes and musicians. This show is an excellent opportunity for music lovers or all ages to truly experience a one of a kind performance. For more details contact stuck@childhswv.org or call 304-541-7463.

 And don’t worry; they’ll be time for your faux Cinco de Mayo celebration after your ears have enjoyed a musical fiesta!


on “David Olney, Artist, Philosopher, Storyteller and he sings and writes a few songs as well.
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  1. As always, thanks, Jeff for this well-stated, intriguing, and enthusiastic story. You are contributing as much as anyone can to promoting the live music scene in the Mid Ohio Valley. Yeah!

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