No Campaign Promises, Just Rock and Roll You Can Believe In America!

Folks and fellow citizens of our great country, I come here with a promise, one which you can count on, one which to look to the future, Friday November 9th to be exact. My promise is simple, a great night of rock and roll. In fact, since we will be at the Worthington Ballroom (3414 Roseland Ave.,Parkersburg), we can even call it a celebration as we move our rock and roll agenda forward! But don’t worry, there’s no votes to cast or commercials to watch … just fun to be had as The Jimmy Clinton Band, Haggard Wulf (from Morgantown) and Ben Davis Jr. (from the great town of  Pomeroy, Ohio).

Jimmy Clinton (guitar and vocals), Vincenzo Mele (bass and Townsend-esque jumping splits) and Jeremy Harman (drums and facial expressions) will be sharing their platform of kick-ass, original roots rock and roll. Drawing on blues masters, folk legends and new south rockers, the Jimmy Clinton Band provides powerful blasts of original rock and roll guaranteed to move your booty!

What do Johnny Cash, The Misfits, Slayer, Molly Hatchet, Robert Johnson and Hank Williams have in common? Nope … they’re not all dead but they do all reside in Haggard Wulf’s musical influences! Make no mistake, the Morgantown duo of guitarist Frank Gunner and drummer/vocalist Lee Roy Jenkins mash all those influences up and distill them down to some mighty unique tunes. Haggard Wulf claims to be “hellbent for haggardness” which translates to raw energy. Gunner and his Gretsch hollowbody provide the groove while Jenkins adds the exclamation points from his Neil Peart-esque (not) drum kit while delivering quirky lyrics about the good, the bad and the ugly while living a haggard-ass life.

Ben Davis Jr. is a young man of several beliefs. “I’ve learned that if you really want to change the world you need to base your lifestyle on the principle of love,” Davis Jr. exclaims. That, and several others, are the foundation on which his lyrics are built. As a fan of Todd Snider, The Avett Brothers, Butch Walker, Ryan Adams and more, his music falls solidly into the Americana/Folk genre. Armed with steady acoustic guitar strumming, a smattering of harmonica and his honest voice, Davis Jr. opens up a little window into his personal feelings of finding happiness, bittersweet reality and the spirit which drives on to look to the future … some things of which we all can relate or at least use a reminder.

Tickets for the 21 & up event will be available for $5 the night of the show. Doors will open at 7pm with music starting around 8pm. As usual libations from the North End Tavern will be available for purchase, as well as other canned goods. My fellow Americans, I’ll see you Friday night!

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