AC30, Cadillac Lester, Burge & Clinton and more set for Friday Nov. 23rd Music Feast Fundraiser!

If there’s one thing that can be said about Thanksgiving, it is consistent. Always falling on the fourth Thursday of November and generally providing a day of feasting, lounging and snoozing for most people. The next day takes on a whole meaning, as folks are ready to get out of the house and socialize. There’s no better place to do it than with a line up of hot bands! Plus also donating non perishable canned goods (13-17oz. cans) to benefit Parkersburg area food banks is a wonderful thing.

Come out and support area food banks!

On Friday November 23rd, Huntington rockers AC30 will make their way to the historic Worthington Ballroom in North Parkersburg. Uniquely named after the historic Vox guitar amplifier of the same designation, one could also view historic Vox AC30 amp users as influences for the power pop band. Pete Townsend, Peter Buck, Keith Richards, Brian May, the Edge and many more have crafted some of rock catchiest riffs through the amps speakers … and one can ad AC30 (the band) to that list as well!

AC30 features Bud Carroll – Guitar/Vox, Alex Mccoy – Drums/Vox, Ian Thornton – Bass/Vox, Ryan Weaver – Guitar/Vox, Doug Woodard – Acoustic Guitar/Vox, Rod Elkins – Guitar/Percussion/Aux Man and P.J. Woodard – Organ/Keys. Yes you read it right, seven performers focused on creating one, big lush sound.

While AC30 is fast approching their two year birthday as a band, the group continues to work hard at numerous live shows throughout the tri-state area bringing their music to the people. All this adds up to crisp, clean, tight and powerful music for the masses!

Also joining AC30 on the ballroom stage will be Marietta’s Cadillac Lester. The power rockabilly trio have been jamming it old school in the Mid Ohio Valley playing a unique brand of 50’s & 60’s physco-rockabilly. The trio consists of  Jesse Forrest singing and strumming a big ole hollowbody electric, Tom Trout providing vocals and laying it down on the skins and David McIntyre slapping an upright bass until it pops some low end groove!

Folks who have been listening to live music in the Parkersburg area for the past 30 years understand the Todd Burge and Jimmy Clinton musical relationship. They’ve been working together since the early 80’s on all types of musical projects. Of course, both are also well known for their solo accomplishments. Burge as one of WV’s hardest working acoustic songwriters and Clinton as the Americana rocker with diverse musical influences. Mix the two together and the result is some mighty fine pickin’ and storytellin’!

Doors will open at 7pm and it is advised to get there on time. The Worthington Ballroom is a great venue, but it does have occupancy regulations (first 200 people) and we are expecting a huge show! Tickets at the door will be $10 however … a person bringing 3 cans (approx. 13-17 oz.) of non perishable food items to the door and can get in for $8 at the door, while tickets last. Food collected will benefit Old Man River’s Mission pantry.

The show is 21 and up. Also featured will be microbrew from the North End Tavern.

The Worthington Ballroom is located at 3414 Roseland Avenue in Parkersburg, WV. It is located at the corner of Roseland and Fairview avenues and across the street from Parkersburg Catholic High School.




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