PM Beat Music to Kick Off the 2013 Series with Kevin Gordon, Angela Perley & Chris Connor and Michael Iafrate!

Between songs Kevin Gordon is a man of few words, one might even say shy as he thumbs through his small booklet of songs. But once the music starts, one can drop that description as Gordon poetically weaves his lyrics into a gripping story of the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly. Absent of fluff and glam, his songs are a musical snapshot of both good and bad memories, but also a brighter future. One can enjoy Gordon’s musical portrait painting along with Angela Perley & Chris Connor and Michael Iafrate on Friday February 15th at the historic Worthington Ballroom. (See Paypal link below to pre-order tickets.)

In 2012, Gordon released the album Gloryland to wide critical acclaim. Rolling Stone magazine writer Wil Hermes anointed Gordon a “juke-joint professor emeritus” and handed a 3.5 star rating to his latest release. The praise didn’t stop there as both the USA Today and American Songwriter magazine each awarded Gloryland 4 out of 4 stars, otherwise known as an excellent rating.

“Four stars… The sheer brilliance of the lyrics to Colfax/Step in Time alone justifies a top rating for the first album in seven years from this Southern-raised poet/rocker. Gordon sketches a not-so-simple portrait of a junior-high marching band on a bus trip, and every single image feels, tastes, smells and sounds absolutely true” said USA Today reviewer Jerry Shriver.

And it’s that realism which makes Gordon’s music so refreshing in this day of samples, overdubs and a sometimes more glitter than substance recording world. His finely crafted compositions have been recorded by Rolling Stone Keith Richards, the late Levon Helm and others but the real treat is hearing Gordon’s earnest voice paint the picture and put the listener right in the middle of the action.

Sure all these words of adulation are meant to convince, but for the the handful of music lovers that were lucky enough to catch Gordon’s April 2012 Children’s Home Society of WV show, they understand praise. And others can as well. On Friday, February 15th PM Beat Music is proud to welcome Kevin Gordon back to Parkersburg. Gordon will headline an evening of Americana themed songwriters at the historic Worthington Ballroom located at 3414 Roseland Avenue in North Parkersburg, WV. This show will also kick off the 2013 PM Beat Music Series at the Ballroom.

The show will be opened by some very special guests. Angela Perley has been seen singing and playing multiple instruments within several performance configurations. Sometimes solo, at times with The Salty Caramels, but more notably with Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons. Their music blends elements of folk, country, pure Americana, bluegrass, rock & roll and a trip to the county fair thrown in for good measure.

In her younger years, Perley was intrigued by the legendary female voices of  other generations. Patsy’s and Loretta’s soft to powerful range infused with a sprinkling of Billie Holiday’s soul can be heard as Perley delivers a song. The Ohio University alumnus (Go Cats!) also dove ear’s first into the extensive OU music library, as well as, the Library of Congress’s online archives as she researched the roots of much of the music we listen to today … without evening giving two thoughts about it’s origins.

Well known throughout the central Ohio region, Perley and the Howlin’ Moons are quickly gaining recognition not only throughout the Midwest but in Europe as well. “Tune  into (Pure 107.8FM’s stream) today around 5 pm Eastern Time to hear the Howlin’ Moons on Roots & Fusion program in Stockport, England (22:00 the show starts)” posted Perley on social media. Enthusiastically adding, “They just played Brooklyn Girls and made a shout out because the program director knew we’d be listening! Really special!”

On this special night Perley will be joined by the Howlin’ Moon’s lead picker, Chris Connor. Sporting his trusty G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow guitar, Connor delivers rhythms  riffs and leads with the class, timing and finesse of a fine watchmaker. And yes he can bust out the lowdown twang when the need arises. Folks may also be lucky enough to see Connor strap on his trusty Gibson acoustic for a song or two as well.

Opening this great evening of music will be singer/songwriter Michael Iafrate. Like most musicians, Iafrate has enjoyed time playing in duo’s and with his most recent band Michael Iafrate & The Priesthood  but be onstage solo for this show. Here’s truth that one must watch what they post on social media … well maybe just what they wear. An absolutely wonderful, impromptu version of the Louvin Brother’s If I Could Only Win Her Love by Michael and his brother Andrew Iafrate, complete with pajamas!

The Parkersburg area native, currently residing in Wheeling, proved to be the consummate performer at a PM Beat show late last year, as he worked through a singers nightmare, aka head-cold and sore throat. But out of that adversity came a wonderful set of music that literally had the audience silently awaiting the next lyric.

Doors will open at 7 pm for this extraordinary show with music beginning around 8 pm. As usual the Ballroom will be serving a lite fair and of course micro brew from the North End Tavern, as well as, domestic flavors in aluminum cans.

Tickets can be purchased in advance through the Paypal link below and also at the Worthington Golf Course snack bar/pro shop. Due to the travel involved for the artists all tickets will be $10, a small price for a full evening of excellent music. Tickets will be available at the door the night of the show, while they last! Don’t be fooled at all by a preconceived notion of an “acoustic show” … this show will be as powerful, poignant and entertaining as any “electric” show one has seen in awhile!

Kevin Gordon, Angela Perley & Chris Connor and Michael Iafrate Live @ the Historic Worthington Ballroom on February 15th at 7pm!





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