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If there’s one thing that people should know about Jimmy Clinton, it’s his partiality to be in a position to rise to the occasion. Sure Clinton enjoys being the spectator from time to time and watching others in that position, be it a Scarlet Knight athlete or a veteran bluesman such as Buddy Guy, but in the end he’s like most people who welcome a good challenge.

Fittingly, Clinton and his band will return to one of his favorite stomping grounds Friday evening, the Worthington Golf Club located at the corner of Fairview and Roseland Avenues in Parkersburg. Except this time instead of strapping a golf bag filled with fourteen clubs over his shoulder, Clinton will be sporting his trusty Stratocaster. As a teen competing in a junior high golf tournaments at the locale, one has to believe Clinton probably never uttered “see that ballroom there … someday I’m going rock that ballroom.”

And that’s the great thing about growing up; it affords one the opportunity to do things they never dreamed of when they were younger. And with the help of bassist Vincenzo Mele and drummer Jeremy Harmon, Clinton is ready to turn it into a reality.

The group played its first formal gig at a private party last December in Parkersburg. From there it was on to the Adelphia Music Hall for a January show with the Carpenter Ants from Charleston. The following weekend the Jimmy Clinton Band once again graced the Adelphia stage as part of the Washington County Humane Society Dylan Tribute show. Over that period of time, fans saw the band slim down to a three piece power trio, a format which has always suited Clinton’s artistic endeavors particularly well.

Now it’s time for the Jimmy Clinton Band to play their first public Parkersburg show. The doors will open at 8 p.m. and shortly thereafter, Don Baker will open the show with his folk sensibility and Americana sounds. Baker’s natural sound will be perfect in the setting of vintage wood paneling.

The Jimmy Clinton Band will finish out the night with its own brand of Americana music, but full on rocking. One of the nice things about the band are the years of musical influences and the input from the fellow veteran musicians, which helps to form a powerful and unique sound. The audience will be treated to some old songs, some cover songs and more importantly, some new songs. “One thing’s for certain, it’s a lot easier to learn songs when only three people have to remember them,” Clinton said.

What this means is that there will be something for everybody at this show. The cover charge is only $5 and they’ll be plenty of libations and dancing … after all it is a ballroom.

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