The Tee Dee Young Band winners of the 20th Annual BJFMS Blues Competition.

From the opening blast of “I Got to Move,” blues fans knew the party was on! As The Tee Dee Young Band launched into the last set of the Saturday evening finals round, the capacity crowd at the 20th Annual Blues, Jazz, Folk Music Society’s Blues Competition was only left to wonder who would place second and third. With the win, The Tee Dee Young Band will represent the BJFMS at the International Blues Challenge (www.blues.org)  held in Memphis, TN. 

Young took control of the stage with his incendiary guitar playing, as his four piece band created a wall of sound as wide as the mighty Ohio River. The Lexington, KY based guitar slinger gave the audience a full helping of both hot and mild guitar licks from his trusty Parker Fly.

When the stage wasn’t smoking from Young’s guitar work, saxophonist Dan Jackson helped keep the groove smoldering with his down and dirty baritone sound. Along with keyboardist Bruce Smith, the two created some monster tones, allowing Young to concentrate on delivering his powerful blues vocals when not tearing up a guitar solo.

Bassist Billy Linton and drummer Gus Johnson provided an absolutely rock solid foundation for the bands five original songs. The band transitioned flawlessly from one song to another, as the audience tried to find an opening for applause during their clockwork set.  

The Tee Dee Young Band will make a return trip to Marietta on March 17th to play at 1 p.m. during the afternoon session of the BJFM Blues Festival. The festival promises to be yet another sell out at the Hotel Lafayette, and one of the biggest days of music in the Mid Ohio Valley. For more info go to www.bjfm.org

Columbus, Ohio’s Mojo Theory placed second in the competition. The five piece hard rockin’ blues group powered through five original compositions on Friday and Saturday evening. Vocalist Mark Richards kept the crowd enthralled as he wove his lyrical stories.

Guitarist David Wamock offered up some red hot guitar playing while Richards spurred him on from a few feet away. Keyboardist Jeff Morris, bassist Curt CJ Justus and hard hitting drummer Todd Mollette helped conjure up some huge mojo sound.

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